Kent Crisps – KPS Case Study

“Mark has been a great support in working with us to help upscale our manufacturing, it has been so beneficial to tap into his expertise to understand where our bottlenecks are and address potential inefficiencies".
- Laura Bounds, MD Kent Crisps and Kentish Oils

Client Objectives

Consolidate Offices, Manufacturing and Logistics to one site.
Double capacity of oil pressing process without additional operational resource.
Reduce cycle time, optimise production processes and increase productivity.

How did you help Kent Crisps?

Historically the business processed Oil seed rape at a small quite inefficient unit in Wood church, Kent.

The entrepreneurial MD Laura Bounds needed to move into new modern premises, increase capacity and implement a new state of the art processing line.

It was necessary to carry out a manufacturing flow study ensuring the new equipment was able to process the volume of oil required and keep pace with the company’s growth plans.

We worked with the in-house team applying Lean manufacturing principles to map their current process flows and from that develop the new factory flow line and process equipment specification.

Results Achieved

Significant increase in capacity and a 25% uplift in measured productivity.
Reduction in cycle time by 30% by introducing a new more efficient inline filtering process
Clean room manufacturing facility in place complying with BRC and SALSA standards

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